Wednesday, 29 February 2012

recent work

I have been experimenting with gouache recently.  It comes in little tubes (well, my tubes are little, anyway) and is more opaque than watercolour.  Or it can be.  Watercolour can also be used fom tubes, but I have always the used the blocks, the kind that are kept in a tin that folds up.  Forgive me if I am rambling a bit, I have had the flu for what feels like forever, but is probably only about three days.  So, with gouache, you can get more intense colour, and can put light colours on top of dark ones (which is not possible with pure watercolours).  But what does the viewer of a painting care about all that?  They just want to see what the end result looks like - so here you go - a brightly coloured macaw, who I quite like the look of, and a dilapidated window. 

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