Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I'm concentrating on marketing at the moment, tweeting and posting on Facebook and even making more of an effort on here. Not that this is very interesting in itself. I'm hoping that maybe some Scottish photographs might sell better across the pond (in the USA). Have a look here - scottish art and see what you think - there might be an image there that grabs your attention, or reminds you of a holiday you once had, or just appeals to you in some way. Scotland is pretty photogenic, I believe.

 Enjoy looking and thanks for visiting!

Just posted this one - here's a sneak preview - birdie footprints in the sand...

Monday, 30 July 2012

Seashore Photographs

I am very fond of the sea. It draws me to it and I love taking photographs of it and beside it.
You can see more photos I have taken here - seashore photos

New camera

I am delighted to have acquired a new (secondhand) camera recently. It's really an early birthday present (thanks, OH), but I just had to try it out to make sure everything worked OK. ;) I should be able to zoom in on things a whole lot better, maybe even play about with some fancy effects. I don't intend to get technical though, just hopefully get some good shots...

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I recently signed up to Fine Art America to see if I can sell some of my photographs to the folk across the pond. Part of me feels as if I am selling my soul, another part says that this is a sensible thing to do if I want to make some sort of income from this creative process. I don't intend to change the type of photographs I take or post to the site (I now have a collection of more than 50 photos on the Photo4me website), so I think I feel comfortable reaching out to this potential new market. Just hoping it doesn't increase the contents of my spam folder, however. This will be monitored closely. Here's a link to the photographs of Scotland (including mine, I hope!) that can be found on the Fine Art America site: scotland photos

Monday, 23 July 2012


An unusually clear view of Slioch taken on the way east and homewards last Saturday. The bend in the road along Loch Maree side...
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Magical view

This was the view west out into the Atlantic from our secret picnic spot last week.
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