Sunday, 29 May 2011


Finally, finally, finally, I have got myself organised with my Photobox Pro Gallery.  It is now possible for people to buy some of my photographs online.  However, I need to be able to let folk know that they are there, available to be bought (not just photos, but exciting things like coasters and framed prints, as well!).  So far, there are four albums.  More will be added when I find the time/decide which ones merit going up there. 

Should you wish to peruse, they are at :

One of the photographs is included above to (hopefully) tempt you.

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Two new dogs joined our family last week.  I say "new" in the loosest form of the word, as they are eight and twelve years old.  You might say, if you're not that keen on dogs, that they are secondhand.  We have rehomed them, certainly, and many folk have said how good we are to have done so, and how lucky they (the dogs) are to have found us.  So far, we are feeling lucky to have found them!  They are lively, obedient (mostly, as far as a beagle's nature can allow), happy, relaxed boys and have made us all smile a lot more in this house than we have been doing recently...

Monday, 2 May 2011


Three firsts yesterday :

First ever short story publication -  one year and one month after ceasing work. 
Feels good, feels very good, in fact! 

First ever public reading of my own creative writing also under my belt.  Survived; enjoyed it, even.

First signing of my own publication (creative) - along with other contributors, and committee, a copy of Pushing Out the Boat that may be auctioned one day...

You can visit the Pushing Out the Boat website here :

Sunday, 1 May 2011


Finally, I think my interest in gardening has been rekindled.  By what, I do not know.  Well, I do have a fairly good idea, but am not going into that right now.  Major life events might have something to do with it.  There are probably deep psychological reasons, but I am not bothered right now about delving into those depths.  I am interested in plants again.  Not just flowers, but plants; roots, bark, leaves, textures, colours, scents, petals, buds.... yes, it's spring again and I have noticed.  Crathes Castle was a wonderful place to visit yesterday.  These few photos are from there...