Wednesday, 7 March 2012

photobox gallery

I am currently considering the best way forward for selling stuff.  I need to concentrate quite hard and think it through carefully, but am finding that quite difficult.  The trouble is, I have various things going on, on the web, and I really need to rationalise it all.  So, should I bring everything into one place, i.e. set up my own website?  Maybe it would help if I made a list:

Currently, I use/have a presence on :

Facebook (but a personal site, not a business one)
Twitter : @jenniferjwatson
Flickr (photos of paintings)
Tumblr (just a tryout, really, as above)
Photobox Gallery (photos, available as prints of various sizes) :
Blogspot (here!)
Creative Cultures Scotland
North East Open Studios
Scottish Craft website (just joined, will see how it goes) :

Looks like it's time to go for it...  will let you know what happens!