Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I have just discovered what fun this can be.  It is also rather engrossing, distracting and takes more concentration than you might expect.  I was keen to recycle some old Christmas catalogues which were lying about the place, but in a constructive way, rather than putting them out in the white canvas-type bag on the street on a Monday morning. If the truth be told, I missed the recycling slot this week, so that added to the reasoning, in some strange way.  Flicking through, there was quite a lot of red in evidence (yes, I know the one shown above is blue, but it was attempt #2), so I cut out lots of little squares and made a patchwork pattern with them.  I was pleased with the result and took some photos of it.  Oh all right then, here is the red one too. 

Funnily enough, it seemed to develop a Valentine's theme all of its own (the little hearts were Christmas decorations originally).  Now I'm off to find some greenness in old magazines, as St Patrick's Day is coming up. 

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