Monday, 5 September 2011

the past

I cannot believe how useless the instructions are on dressmaking patterns... whole swathes are missed out (like how to lay things out and then cut out properly) and then the actual instructions are written in triple Dutch, requiring at least three readings before they make even the slightest bit of sense!

Here's a quoted bit.."To reinforce small dot on each back neck band and tie end facing, stitch along seam line for 1" (2.5cm) through small dot. Clip seam allowance to small dot, being careful not to clip into stitching." Who writes this stuff?!

Perhaps my brain has been fogged more than I thought by this blinking cold.  But no, I seem to recall battling with dressmaking patterns way back in the mists of time.  I generally thought I could miss a few steps out, sidestepping the tacking and replacing witha bit of nifty pinning instead.  It invariably ended in tears (rhyming with fears) and even the other kind (rhymes with fares) and a fair bit of unpicking.  This all came back to haunt me as I unpicked a hastily sewn seam this afternoon.  I was much more of a sellotape and sticky-backed plastic girl myself.  More glue and paint than glitter and posies.  More sticks and stones than satin and silk.  You get the idea.  Plus ca change...

In the meantime, I have still been trying to get ready for the Exhibition.  It will be ready. 

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