Monday, 25 April 2011


shed window in Stonehaven

I have discovered the delights of Blurb and have been busy making books today.  One with lots and lots of photos of our beloved basset hound who passed away at the end of March.  A celebration of her long and happy life.  And the other, a little book of haiku, probably just spring haiku, along with associated photographs.  This is all very enjoyable "work" but I am finding that it consumes rather a large amount of time.  It will be important, I think, to recognise when a book is finished, then to stop, publish, put it up for sale and move on to the next project.

Speaking of next projects, the launch of Pushing out The Boat is this Sunday in Stonehaven.  I will have to practise reading my story out loud so that I do not stumble over my words.

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