Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Something New

I have been neglecting this blog and for that I am sorry.  I have been busy with all sorts of things, including building my very own website.  Not from scratch, of course, but using a website-building toolkit.  Or whatever you call it.  I am nearly happy with it; it is nearly ready for human consumption.  To be honest, I will probably never be completely happy with it, so I am starting to spread the word about it.  Or the URL.  Of course, a website is not a static thing, a thing of perfection and beauty and all things to all people.  To try to make it so would be the way to madness.  So I have made something that I hope will work.  The aim is to provide a hub, a place from which you can find all the strands of the things that I do, that I create.  The paintings, the photographs and the writing.  The bits that interest you.  Eventually the blog over there will take over from this one here.  I don't intend to try to keep up two blogs. Let's face it, I can hardly maintain one.

The other thing I have been up to (I have been doing two things only?  Really?) is taking part in a Virtual Open Mic session, happening today. Hosted by Inky Fingers in Edinburgh. Being virtual, it doesn't matter that this is the case, of course.  And that I am in Aberdeen. There are two more episodes to come.  I've really enjoyed reading other folk's pieces and watching the videos some of them have posted.  A lovely range of work, from flash fiction to poetic prose to witty things in Scots. I think I would have enjoyed hearing them read out loud though.  That's where the videos work well. I guess that's the point of an open mic session. Maybe I will summon up the courage to venture along to a real live session before too long.  In the meantime, I'm off to read Episode 5.

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