Thursday, 19 January 2012

shed phase

I seem to have entered a shed phase.  Or maybe I am just acknowledging it now; I think I have probably been in it for quite some time.  Last week, as the last of the January afternoon light was disappearing (at about 3pm), I made my way to Footdee (or Fittie, as it is known locally in Aberdeen) to take some photographs. 

I had known it was cold outside, but was not prepared for the chill that seeped into my very bones as I walked slowly around taking photographs.  This is the nature of taking photographs, I have found - you can't walk briskly, stop and take a few snaps and then march on again.  It takes time.  One has to browse, to look, to peer, squint, looking upwards and downwards and sideways.  Especially sideways.  If you are wanting to capture any half-decent images, I mean.  I was collecting images to paint later; that was the aim.  The light was rather ethereal; there was a misty white glow about it, which I did not really see at the time, but is quite vivid in the photographs.  Not vivid, that is the wrong word. 

Since I have been very remiss about blogging in recent times (for the past three months!), I think I will share the photos I took for the next wee while.  Maybe with some comments.  I started a painting (watercolour) of one of the photo above today, at the lovely class I go to out at Udny Green.  I may share it once it's finished - who knows?

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